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Invited Talk on "Security Solutions For WSNs and Mobile Access" at Siemens' Security Department

posted Aug 25, 2015, 3:17 AM by Corinna Schmitt   [ updated Aug 25, 2015, 3:19 AM ]
UZH was invited to give a talk at the Department of IT Security, Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich, entitled "Security Solutions For WSNs and Mobile Access" at August 14, 2015. In this talk developed security solutions for constraint devices (e.g., TinyDTLS, TinySAM, TinyTO) were presented, as well as the mobile access framework WebMaDa allowing users to monitor their deployed Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) during travelling. All presented solution included authentication mechanisms in order to establish secure communication solutions and to authenticate the communication parties to bring trust in the data exchange. Parts of this work were developed within the external liaison to FLAMINGO in WP5.

UZH received good feedback and ideas for further optimization concerning resource efficiency and authentication processes for future developments and use-cases. Furthermore, UZH was encouraged to continue security development and activities within IETF WG ACE.