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Tests of the DTM implementation in a testbed have been started

posted Sep 11, 2014, 2:42 AM by Roman Lapacz   [ updated Sep 11, 2014, 2:53 AM ]

The WP4 team has set up a virtualised testbed in PSNC to run tests and experiments to validate the implementation of DTM (Dynamic Traffic Management) mechanism released as SmartenIT system prototype v1.1. The testbed is composed of three network domains with a set of software routers (VyOS/Vyatta [1]), OpenFlow enabled switch (Open vSwitch [2]), OpenFlow Controller (FloodLight [3]) and traffic generator applications (D-ITG [4]). All those components have been installed and configured  in the virtual machines with Ubuntu OS. For the moment they run on 2 servers with KVM and QUEMU. The proposed structure is utilized to simulate simple but realistic network topologies with multi-home domains where the network traffic is distributed between inter-domain links according to defined requirements and policies. In the case of DTM the traffic will be managed to minimize the cost for ISP (Internet Service Provider) – an operator of network infrastructure.

Figure 1 presents the minimal DTM validation testbed topology.

This reference topology is implemented as a virtual environment composed of 16 KVM virtual machines connected as it is depicted in Figure 2. The common network technologies like OSPF, BGP and GRE tunnels are applied to establish connectivity in the testbed. Network monitoring information which is an important input to the DTM prototype is retrieved from the network nodes via the SNMP protocol.

First simple tests of the DTM implementation have been already started to investigate whether the main functions and the communication between components work correctly. Moreover, the collected initial results confirmed that the prototype (implemented network traffic management mechanism), the testbed infrastructure and measurements perform in the right manner. During the next weeks delegated project partners will execute advanced tests and provide more results.

More information about DTM can be found here: