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SmartenIT is represented at the 12th Future Networks FP7 Concertation meeting

posted Oct 22, 2013, 8:41 AM by Corinna Schmitt   [ updated Jul 21, 2014, 7:45 AM ]
The Future Networks 12th FP7 Concertation meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium on October 22-23, 2013. The event was hosted by the European Commission and included two events: Cluster Meetings (research working group) and Plenary Meeting. These meetings bring together EU research-funded projects in the area of communications networks with a view to facilitating the exchange of latest research findings and of ideas for future activities. Meetings take place twice a year.

This meeting concentrated on the following aspects:
  • Supporting the ongoing FP7 projects in sharing their latest research achievements.
  • Enhancing project cooperation activities, sharing of best practices and opportunities for (pre-) standardization.
  • Setting future activities and topics of common interest.
  • Facilitating networking and discussion among the participants.
SmartenIT representative participated at the first day in FI Cluster Meeting – Green and Energy-efficient Networking Workshop ( Around 40 participants from academia and industry, as representatives and interesting people, discussed on topics facing the idea of green and energy-efficient networks. During the first part of the FI Cluster Meeting existing solutions from different FP7 funded projects (e.g., iMinds, eCONET, GreenTouch, TREND) were presented. The main core of the presentations was to investigate energy consumption within different sized and heterogeneous networks in order to develop a strategy to reduce the consumption. The second part of the FI Cluster Meeting allowed the participants to present their project perspectives and research challenges in order to discuss with the community. As a last action point the upcoming workshop was discussed as well as brainstorming was performed to find session names for the upcoming EU-CNC conference (follower of conference FuNeMs).

On the second day SmartenIT was represented in the Plenary Meeting in which around 100 participants attended. During this event the selected project for the ICT FP7 Call 11 were presented. Furthermore calls for ICT 2013, EU-CNC, and FIA 2014 were presented. Beyond this Horizon 2020 was introduced. Two panel sessions took place concentrating on following topics:
  • Cloud Radio Access network Concepts
  • Experimental Research and Platforms for 5G: From requirements to offers

Presenting the results of the Cluster Meetings closed the event.

Summarizing the relevant impact of the Future Networks 12th FP7 Concertation Meeting for the project SmartenIT it will be important for the project to take care of owner ship and traffic management, as well as what kind of social-awareness related information in included in the management. This meeting was a good possibility to present the SmartenIT project to other involved people in FP7. A very positive feedback was received for the social-awareness aspects within the project and the supported heterogeneity of networks structure and devices. Representatives of the projects FIspace, GreenICN, FLAMINGO, and ROMEO IP were very interesting in SmartenIT, as well as different industry representatives (NEC, NSN, Alcatel-Lucent).

Further information of the FI Cluster is available under the following link: