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Presentation of First Swiss Academic ITU-T Recommendation Y.3013 at ASUT CS4 Meeting

posted Sep 22, 2014, 1:06 AM by Corinna Schmitt
The Swiss Telecommunication Association (ASUT) invited UZH to their CS4-Meeting to present the UZH activity within ITU-T, especially to present the approved recommendation Y.3013 - Socio-economic Assessment of Future Networks by Tussle Analysis. The meeting took place in Bern, Switzerland and representatives of Swisscom, ASUT, ETSI, ITU-T, and BAKOM were present.

The invitation of UZH to this meeting was indicated by Leo Lehmann (Vice-Chair Working Group 3, ITU-T, and representative of BAKOM). He was invited to present his involvement in the standardization body ITU-T. Due to the fact that Leo Lehmann supported UZH in recommendation activity throughout the last four years resulting in the first Swiss academic recommendation Y.3013 he asked UZH to present the recommendation at the CS4-Meeting. The presentation included ITU-T activity by UZH itself from starting point in 2011 until today with special focus on recommendation Y.3013 development and details about the content Tussle Analysis.

The meeting participants were very interesting in Tussle Analysis itself and forced to integrate it into ASUT activities and upcoming standardization processes. As a result of the CS4 Meeting UZH was invited in the Multi-Stakeholder-Platform (MSP) meeting afterwards. The MSP group focuses at the moment on the use-case eHealth and tries to gain an overview of standardization activities around this topic. They recognized that this use-case could gain advantages by applying Tussle Analysis in order to identify Tussles and possible spillovers. Thus, UZH was asked to participate actively in the MSP group based on the involvement and experience in ITU-T and IETF.