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ITU-T RevCom Meeting

posted Jan 21, 2014, 5:33 AM by Patrick Poullie   [ updated Jul 21, 2014, 7:46 AM by Corinna Schmitt ]
A member of the UZH delegation (coordinator of SmartenIT) attended the ITU-T RevCom meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on January 16, 2014, to initiate the integration of tussle analysis into ITU-T’s standardization process. Tussle analysis is aimed at the socio-economic assessment of Future Networks and was developed by the SESERV project. SESERV also initiated the development of document Y.FNsocioeconomic within ITU-T SG13 in 2011, which specifies tussle analysis and is now further developed by SmartenIT.

The document, which was contributed by UZH to the RevCom meeting, described a specialized version of tussle analysis tailored to ITU-T’s standardization process and purposes. The contribution was received with great interest as also ITU-T recognizes the need to account for socio-economic considerations in technology development beyond the traditionally/technical engineering goals (effectiveness, efficiency, modularity, and security). Since the meeting revealed great interest in tussle analysis within ITU-T and brought it to the attention to members of all Study Groups, the contribution to this RevCom meeting not only identified an application area for tussle analysis, which will allow to further refine it, but it will also greatly aid the development of Y.FNsocioeconomic in reaching consensus.

The next editorial iteration for Y.FNsocioecomic will happen during the SG13 Rapporteur meeting in February 2013. The UZH delegation will provide contributions to this iteration that are to be developed in the framework of SmartenIT´s socio-economic research facet and evaluates potential to channel technical SmartenIT research to ITU-T recommendations as well.